Brands, It's Time to Think Smaller

The Apple Watch is almost here, and Zemoga has formed iSquint: a world class workshop of UX craftsmen, dedicated to designing rich, immersive micro websites.

It's Site O'Clock!

The Apple Watch doesn't come with a browser per se, however, our team of visionnaries are convinced it will be introduced very soon

  • april 2015

    Apple Watch is launched

  • may 2015

    Thousands of disappointed buyers complain. "How come I can't read Yahoo Answers while I check the time?". They start an angry hashtag, create a group on Facebook, threaten to set their watches on fire

  • jul 2015

    Safari Micro is introduced. Jonathan Ive quits

Our Portfolio is Awesome!

Just a tiny sample of what we plan to be doing for humongous brands!


We've already helped our clients get into their customers' pockets, now we're helping them go one tick further. Together we're creating a future where brand presence will be literally like a handcuff.
Joe Smalling Futurist, Clairvoyant, UX Prophet, iSquint Team Lead, huge Bob Ross Fan


I was the joke at work. Now my boss at least knows my name. I will always be grateful for Zemoga iSquint and their amazing work
Robert Little Head of Irresponsible Projects, Chiquita Bananas

Join our team of pixel-pushers

Help us push the limits of apple watch technologies, one pixel at a time (there are only 92,480 so bring your loop).

If you can thread a needle, read the last line on a eye chart, like model trains, put a ship in a bottle or are an expert at toothpick carving...


  • 1.5x1.5 format
  • 1pt type.
  • Max File Size 68 bits

Let's disrupt the f... out of your customers' wrists

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